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The Vinyl Frontier - A Documentary Film: press

A documentary film
exploring the world of vinyl toys.

Attach Of The Show

“Chris Gore is back with a Friday edition of DVDuesday where he shares his thoughts on more DVD and Blu-ray releases like The Vinyl Frontier.…..” Read More


“For those of you that haven’t seen it, The Vinyl Frontier is a documentary that takes a look inside the vinyl toy world.……” Read More

The Citrus Report

“The world of modern art seems to be expanding at an incredible rate. An extension of rock poster art and similar pop-art movements, this multiplying scene is being fortified by a a bevy of new retailers, artists, and outlets for engaging with these 3D renderings. The film “A Vinyl Frontier” ….” Read More


“I got to see The Vinyl Frontier on the big screen in San Francisco last year. It’s now available on DVD with bonus footage. I reviewed the documentary and had a few questions for its director. Read on as we get to know the man behind the camera in this Vinyl Frontier interview……” Read More

Phoenix New Times

“Daniel Zana’s documentary The Vinyl Frontier is one helluva toy story.……” Read More

Spread Art Culture

“Whether you’re aware of it or not, the vinyl toy movement has been raging on in America since the early 90s. Daniel Zana, a first-time documentary filmmaker…” Read More


“The Vinyl Frontier Movie – A film exploring the world of vinyl toys….” Read More

Daily Variety

“Though production values are rough, the discussion topics prove unusually philosophical, attempting to situate these “toys” in the broader art conversation….” Read More


“Tara McPherson’s work is like snagging intimate and thought provoking…” Read More

Clutter Magazine

“The Vinyl Frontier Spotlight Volume 11: Sket One” Read More

Laughing Squid

“The Vinyl Frontier is an upcoming documentary by Daniel Zana about the world of vinyl toys…” Read More


“thought it was pretty cool check it out” Read More


“A trailer for the upcoming documentary film on designer vinyl toys entitled “The Vinyl Frontier…” Read More


“A trailer for the upcoming documentary film on designer vinyl toys entitled “The Vinyl Frontier“. This film features many of todays top toy artists as well as collectors and toy producers alike…” Read More


“Coming to a theater, or possibly a laptop near you: Vinyl Frontier, a documentary film …” Read More


“Laughing Squid posted this trailer from an upcoming documentary about vinyl toys called The Vinyl Frontier, by Daniel Zana. I love these kinds of documentaries that explore cult worlds…” Read More

Toys R Evil

“Daniel Zana’s The Vinyl Frontier: Spotlight continues with an interview with Thomas Han….” Read More

Vinyl Abuse

“The Vinyl Frontier joins the growing club of designer toy documentaries. Scheduled for a 2008 release…” Read More

Toy Cyte

“Attaboy, Tim Biskup, Luke Chueh, Frank Kozik, Thomas Han…. There are just a few of the artists who appear in The Vinyl Frontier, an upcoming documentary by Daniel Zana…” Read More

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